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Wally (hanging) XS Fiberstone Black

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SKU code E1390W-30-01
Form Round
Color Fiberstone Black
Collection Natural
Material Fiberstone
HS Code 68109900
EAN Code 8719497966806
Specificaties EU

Diameter in cm 30.00
Length in cm 0
Length under cm 0
Width under cm 0
Rim in cm 2.00
Content in liter 0.80
Width planth cm 9.00
Height in cm 9.00
Netto weight kg 2.80
Diamtr planth cm 0
Height plant cm 12.00
Width in cm 0
Diamtr under cm 30.00
Gross weight kg 0
Lenght planth cm 28.00
Specificaties US

Diameter in inch 11.81
Width planth in 0
Diamtr under in 11.81
Length under in 0
Length in inches 0
Gross weight lbs 6.45
Length planth in 11.023
Height in inch 3.54
Rim in inch 0.78
Diamtr planth in 0
Width under inch 0
Width in inches 0
Content in inch 48.82
Netto weight lbs 6.16
Height planth in 4.72