(S) Feet High XS, White Washed

Collection Use and Care

Article code JH3000-31-N02


SKU code JH3000-31-N02
Collection Use and Care
Color Wood White Washed
Material Wood
Form Various
Suitable for Indoor and outdoor
Shelf None
Waterproof Yes
EAN code 8720195763796
MOQ Pallet (pcs) 672
Maintenance oil -

Specificaties US

Volume (in3) -
Net weight (lbs) 1.32
Length (in) -
Height (in) 11.22
Length opening (in) -
Height opening (in) -
Length bottom (in) -
Rim (in) -
Gross weight (lbs) 29.13688
Ø (in) 12.01
Width (in) -
Ø opening (in) -
Width opening (in) -
Ø bottom (in) -
Width bottom (in) -

Specificaties EU